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January 12, 2018 –  With unusually warm temperatures melting much of the snow cover, water levels are rising throughout the Rideau watershed bringing on unstable ice conditions. Levels can be expected to continue to rise through the day until a forecast rapid freeze occurs mid-afternoon. In faster flowing stream sections, ice has broken up and been moved downstream and there is the potential for ice jamming that could cause localized high water situations. On lakes and flat stream sections, the ice will have been lifted by the increased water levels and have meltwater ponded on the surface. As temperatures drop,…
November 3, 2017 –  Rain forecast for Sunday could raise water levels again. In the order of 25 to 30 millimetres of rain fell on the Rideau watershed yesterday and this morning, less than was forecast. The rain was not enough to raise water levels significantly. Rain now forecast for Sunday has the potential to be enough to raise the already elevated flows. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry meteorologists have forecast 10 to 25 mm of rain on Sunday which could increase to a total of 40 to 75 mm if thunderstorms occur on Sunday night. The result could…
Water levels that were already high from rain on Sunday and Monday are expected to increase again if rain forecast for Thursday and Friday falls on the Rideau River watershed.   About 12 millimetres (mm) of rain fell overnight and as much as 40 mm more is expected. This could cause flows in the Rideau below Mooneys Bay to increase to about 320 cubic metres per second. While not an issue in the lower sections of the system, such flows typically mean flooding of low-lying areas on the Long Reach, the section of the river between Manotick and Burritts Rapids,…
Rainfall over the last three days from 70 to 100 millimetres has caused water levels typically seen in the spring in the Rideau watershed. Flows rose dramatically from what they were going into the weekend after very little rain through September and most of October. Operation of the Long Island Dam by Parks Canada staff slowed the increase of levels on the Long Reach. However, access roads to communities on the Rideau near Kemptville may still be threatened as the water from upstream passes through the system. In Perth in the Tay Subwatershed, flooding has so far been limited to…
OTTAWA, October 26, 2017 — After years of community consultation and long-standing safety concerns, the RVCA is decommissioning the Hearts Desire Weir and beginning work on a new rocky ramp. Work will begin on the project starting October 30 — weather permitting. Located on the lower Jock River near Prince of Wales Drive, the Hearts Desire weir was built in 1975. The goal at the time was to provide higher summer flows, improve habitat for fish, ensure water for livestock and provide community ponds for fire protection and beautification. Since that time, conventional thinking regarding the environmental benefits of weirs…
EASTERN ONTARIO, October 12, 2017 — The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) has completed a hazard mapping study for Kings Creek — a tributary of the Jock River — from the Brunton Side Road to the Jock River. Members of the public are invited to an upcoming open house to review regulations and hazard maps. This study provides new mapping that show areas that are prone to natural hazards such as flooding and erosion and have natural environmental features such as wetlands. The mapping will be used by the City of Ottawa and the Townships of Beckwith and Montague when…
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