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March 29, 2018 –  Barring a rain event not presently in weather forecasts, it is appearing that the spring freshet of 2018 in the Rideau valley may have already occurred on March 2 as a result of the above normal temperatures in the latter half of February that removed all of the snow. The snow that fell after the early March thaw, has gradually declined over the month with several sunny days and above freezing daily temperatures. With little snow and minor rainfall forecast, there is not expected to be enough runoff to cause significant increases in water levels in…
March 27, 2017, EASTERN ONTARIO — The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) Board of Directors celebrated World Water Day with release of their 2017 Annual Report. The report highlights the many achievements and on-the-ground projects that happened throughout the over 4,000 square kilometres of the Rideau watershed — activities that focus attention on the importance of water and supports World Water Day values. “RVCA is committed to supporting watershed health and the principles promoted through World Water Day,” said Sommer Casgrain-Robertson, RVCA General Manager. “It is fitting that we release our 2017 Annual Report on this special day and share…
EASTERN ONTARIO, March 12, 2018 — The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) has completed hazard mapping studies for Flowing Creek and Hobbs Drains — tributaries of the Jock River. Members of the public are invited to an upcoming open house to review regulations and hazard maps. These studies provide new mapping that show areas that are prone to natural hazards such as flooding and erosion and have natural environmental features such as wetlands. The mapping will be used by the City of Ottawa when updating their Official Plan and Zoning Schedules and in the review of development applications under the Planning…
March 09, 2018

Spring Outlook

March 9, 2018 –The winter of 2017-18 has been one of wide variations and periods of record cold. First snow on the ground to start this winter was relatively early at the beginning of November but little more fell until after December 28 followed by the onset of the record cold temperatures including -30 degrees on January 1. After ten days of frigid temperatures, a few days of warm temperatures reduced the snow cover significantly. That warm spell ended with a flash freeze. Precipitation in all its forms and widely varying temperatures continued through January into mid-February. Since February 19,…
February 16, 2018 – Significant rainfall forecast for Monday and Tuesday along with melting snow can be expected to cause river flows and lake levels to rise. Going on iced over waterbodies is not advisable for the next several days until levels decline and colder temperatures can restore the integrity of the ice. As the snowmelt and rain runoff moves through the Rideau system, the ice cover can be expected to shift and, in some places, break up. This could lead to ice jamming at culverts and bridges which could cause localized flooding. Ponding water on the surface will make…
January 18, 2018 – Temperatures around the freezing point through the weekend and rain early next week will once again cause the loss of much of the snow cover and unstable ice conditions in the Rideau Valley. As the snowmelt and rain runoff moves through the Rideau system, the ice cover will be shifting and, in some places, breaking up. Water can be expected to pond on top of the ice. Going on ice covered water bodies is not advisable for the next several days. Slightly more snow on the ground in the upper watershed west of Smiths Falls and more…
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