Shoreline Naturalization Program


It’s time for a shoreline makeover!

Want to fight erosion, discourage geese and spruce up your boring shoreline – all without breaking the bank? The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority offers a full-service, subsidized Shoreline Naturalization Program for waterfront property owners. We offer technical guidance, project management and financial assistance to help you get the job done!

Shoreline at Work 1What’s in it for you?

Naturalizing a shoreline can have many practical and environmental benefits:

  • Reduces water run-off that causes algae blooms and excessive weed growth;
  • Significantly reduces shoreline erosion and makes your shoreline more resilient;
  • Much cheaper and more eco-friendly than rock-based “rip rap” shorelines;
  • Discourages geese;
  • Invites more wildlife to your backyard paradise;
  • Leaves less lawn to mow and more time to relax and enjoy the view.

Why naturalize?

Ninety per cent of all lake and river life depends on a healthy shoreline to survive. But this “ribbon of life” also plays a crucial role in filtering out pollutants, reducing erosion and easing flood risks. By adding a natural buffer between your home and the water, you are protecting the health of our drinking water, ecosystems and shores.

What about my water access?

We know that convenient water access is paramount to an idyllic waterfront experience. Staff will work with you to prepare a customized plan that maintains your water access and your view.

What’s involved?

1. Site visit: RVCA staff will visit your property to discuss your vision and assess planting potential. Site visits can be scheduled for June through October.

2. Custom planting plan:  Staff will work with you to develop a unique plan for your property, including recommendations for the best native species for your property’s growing conditions. They’ll discuss how you’d like to maintain your water access, seating areas and your view.

3. Choose your plants:  You can choose which native trees and shrubs you’d like based on your custom planting plan and the RVCA’s available species list, and we’ll order them for you. The cost of the plants is subsidized.

4. Delivery and planting assistance:  In spring, we’ll deliver your plants and, if you choose, we can even do the planting for you!

Who is eligible?

  • Waterfront landowners along wetlands, streams, rivers and lakes within the Rideau watershed, who commit to maintaining a healthy shoreline;
  • Lake associations, river groups or other not-for-profit groups within the Rideau watershed interested in completing shoreline demonstration sites, community plant hand-outs, or other shoreline stewardship projects.

Scroll over the pins to learn more about healthy shoreline habits:

Want to learn more? Contact:

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The Shoreline Naturalization Program works closely with many volunteer groups to restore shoreline areas including Scouts, High Schools and corporate groups. Individuals interested in helping plant can register through the City Stream Watch Program.

Check out some before-and-after photos of recent projects:

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