How to Naturalize Your Shoreline

Every shoreline is unique and requires different approaches to naturalization. Current and desired land use, existing conditions, soil type, availability of sunlight and moisture, and naturalization goals all play a significant role in selecting the appropriate naturalization methods. Some methods may include:

  1. Creating a “no-mow” zone near the shoreline and allowing vegetation to re-establish on its own.
  2. Active planting of native trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers and/or aquatic plants in the buffer area.
  3. Placing or allowing the accumulation of woody debris along shoreline.
  4. Removal or “softening” of existing hard structures like retaining walls, gabion baskets and rip rap.
  5. Utilizing various bioengineering methods such as coir logs, live cuttings, and brush mattresses to control or reduce erosion.

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