Property File Search

A property inquiry/file search provides a written response to current property owners, potential buyers, lawyers, real estate professionals, etc with information including:

  • Information and mapping on natural hazards and features such as floodplains, unstable slopes, shorelines, wetlands, etc.
  • RVCA regulations and policies that apply to the property
  • Information on previous approvals, outstanding orders and/or violations on the property

This file search response provides a formal record of the inquiry and offers valuable information to the client when making decisions to purchase, build on, re-grade or alter natural features on the site. In other cases, the file search response serves as official confirmation that the property is not affected by Authority policies and regulations, and provides the client with added peace of mind. RVCA staff cannot advise you on whether or not to purchase a property; we provide the facts to help you make an educated decision.

How to apply?

To apply for this service, please complete our Property File Search Form. A fee is charged to cover the cost of reviewing each individual site and a formal, written response is issued. Staff require at least two weeks to reply.

Services and Fees

Property Inquiry File Search — Compliance Letter $255
Property Inquiry File Search — Compliance Letter with site inspection $425
Property Inquiry File Search — Compliance Letter — Expedited Service (within five business days) $510
Property Inquiry File Search — Compliance Letter — Expedited Service (within five business days) with site inspection $680

For more details, contact us:

RVCA Resources Specialist
phone: 613.692.3571 or 1.800.267.3504
fax: 613.692.0831

Other ways to learn about a property:

If the Property File Search exceeds your needs, you can learn about a property by:

  1. Using our interactive, online mapping tool —Map A Property— to map a property and see if it is subject to Regulation 174/06.
  2. Completing a General Property Inquiry form to receive a map showing the mapped hazard (floodplain, unstable slope, wetland) or natural feature, 1:100 year flood elevations if applicable and available, links to general information, regulators and policies.

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