Watershed Conditions Statements

(WCS – R05/2020) March 27, 2020 –The short-term forecast is calling for rainfall amounts of 35 millimetres or more on Sunday and into Monday with above zero temperatures. As such, water levels and flows across the Rideau Valley Watershed are expected to increase again. A FLOOD WATCH is being issued for properties around Christie Lake and Wolfe Lake. In these areas, residents should expect freshet like water levels and flows. Parks Canada staff are closely monitoring the water levels in Bobs Lake and Christie Lake, and operations at the Bolingbroke Dam. A FLOOD WATCH continues for the low-lying areas along Stevens…
(WCS – R04/2020) March 19 ,2020 – The short-term forecast is calling for rainfall amounts of 10 to 15 mm and high temperatures near 15 degrees Celsius on Friday, followed by below zero temperatures on Saturday, and then milder temperatures in the days following. No significant rain is in the short-term forecast after Friday.  With Friday’s rain and high temperatures, water levels and flows across the Rideau Valley Watershed are expected to increase everywhere and then decline again slowly with the cooler weather in the following days. Some specific areas of concern are highlighted below: A FLOOD OUTLOOK is being…
(WCS – NG01/2020) March 10, 2020 – The mild weather yesterday and today has melted a significant amount of snow in the Rideau Valley Watershed.  This snow melt together with some rainfall is causing the water levels to rise quickly in Stevens Creek and Taylor Drain. Based on new water level gauges installed in the spring of 2019, it appears that the water may breach the banks and cause localized flooding within the low-lying areas along Stevens Creek and Taylor Drain in the Village of North Gower. The timing of the potential breach will depend on the temperatures and rainfall…
March 9, 2020 (WCS – R03/2020) — The winter of 2019-20 has been warmer than average with near-average snowfall amounts. On January 11, about 50 mm of rain fell across the Rideau Valley Watershed, resulting in temporarily elevated water levels and flows in all waterways, and a noticeable ice layer within the snowpack. Current conditions at several RVCA and Parks Canada snow course sites are indicating above average water content amounts in the snow for this time of year. The current short-term forecast indicates daytime high temperatures above zero and below zero conditions at night with precipitation expected tomorrow (up to 15…
January 14, 2020 – With high water levels and fast flows all across the Rideau Valley Watershed, the ice cover (where present) on lakes, ditches, local streams and rivers will be unstable. Extreme caution should be exercised by everyone when near local waterbodies. Parents should inform their children of the risks and provide appropriate supervision. On average, 50mm of rain fell across the Rideau Valley Watershed last Saturday before the temperature dropped to below freezing, resulting in significantly elevated water levels and flows in all waterways. The smaller creeks and waterways were impacted the most with ‘bankfull’ conditions observed in…
January 10, 2020 – Environment Canada is forecasting significant precipitation in the form of rain or drizzle, freezing rain, ice pellets and snow starting Friday and continuing into Sunday with the greatest precipitation amounts on Saturday. There remains a considerable amount of uncertainty on exact precipitation amounts and what form it will take, however, rainfall amounts of between 50 and 75 mm are possible throughout the Rideau Valley watershed.  Although no significant flooding is anticipated, water levels and flows are expected to increase in all waterways in the Rideau Valley Watershed. Depending on how much rain falls, residents who are…
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