Watershed Watch

Watershed Watch is a monitoring program on 39 lakes in our valley. The program is building a set of ambient (baseline) data that can be used to show trends and changes in the condition of the watershed lakes. It will act as an early warning system to identify trends or problems in water quality.

The water quality indicators monitored in the program are:

  • Total phosphorus (deep points, shoreline)
  • Total Kjeldahl nitrogen (deep points, shoreline)
  • Bacteria (E.Coli) (shoreline)
  • Water clarity (deep points)
  • Dissolved oxygen/temperature (deep points)
  • Invasive species (zebra mussels, spiney water flea – three sites at the deep point, near a major access point (marina or boat launch) and a low traffic area)
  • Calcium (deep point)
  • Benthic invertebrates (the bugs on the bottom – three samples at three shoreline locations).

Over the first five years of the Watershed Watch program (2001 – 2005), 6 or 7 lakes were sampled intensively (8 times) each year at the deep points and at shoreline sites where there appeared to be possible pollution sources. The program was changed for 2006 with 39 lakes sampled at deep points in May and October and twice at deep points and shoreline sites June through September.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Anyone can get involved! Join the group of residents on several lakes who volunteer their time and their boats each summer to provide on the water transportation for RVCA staff and a helping hand taking samples and catching bugs.

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613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3804

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