Participant Guide

In Accordance with the Participant Waiver and Release
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RVCA Event Co-ordinator Responsibilities

Safeguard the safety and security of Participants by:

  • Ensuring they receive appropriate training to complete each task;
  • Ensuring they do not use RVCA power equipment or operate an RVCA vehicle;
  • Informing them, in writing, of any known potential site hazards and ensuring theyhave appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Providing them with appropriate supervision and feedback;
  • Understanding and appropriately accommodating personal physical limitations.

Respect the rights of Participants and protect their personal information;
Provide Participants with a meaningful experience.

Participant Rights

  • Receive appropriate information to understand the risks involved with the event and to appreciate the purpose of the event;
  • Receive appropriate training and supervision;
  • Decline to perform any tasks which you may feel are unsafe;
  • Be treated with respect by RVCA staff and other participants;
  • Provide feedback on the event to improve future activities.

Participant Responsibilities

  • Ensure you have your own transportation to the work site and/or RVCA office, as directed;
  • Read and sign the Participant Waiver and Release before participating in the event;
  • Follow policies, protocols and procedures established by the RVCA and as directed by the Event Co-ordinator;
  • Clarify any uncertainties with the Event Co-ordinator;
  • Take reasonable care when carrying out your tasks;
  • Inform the Event Co-ordinator of any physical limitations or restrictions;
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment or clothing identified as mandatory by your Supervisor, including but not limited to safety clothing such as steel-toed boots, sunscreen or other appropriate outdoor wear;
  • Work cooperatively with RVCA staff, recognizing and appreciating differences of opinion;
  • Be considerate, respect competencies and work as a team with all staff and other Participants;
  • Use time wisely and not interfere with performance of others;
  • Immediately report all accidents and injuries to the Event Co-ordinator;
  • While participating in events for the RVCA, smoking and using or possessing illegal drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Participants should ask the Event Co-ordinator to identify designated smoking areas.

Potential Hazards

You may be exposed to the following hazards. Hazards specific to each work site will be described on site.

  • Steep slopes
  • Unsure footing
  • Uneven bottom
  • Fast moving current
  • Poor visibility
  • Scour holes
  • Poor water quality
  • Metal objects in water
  • Extreme temperatures, rain, snow
  • Hazardous waste such as chemicals, broken glass, syringes/needles)
  • Toxic plants such as poison ivy, giant hogweed, wild parsnip
  • Animals
  • Insects including Lyme-carrying Blacklegged Ticks

HR Forms/Volunteers/Participant Guide November 17, 2017

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