QUIZ: How green is your waterfront property?

Is your personal paradise protecting the lake you love? Or are you accidentally disrupting the natural systems nearby? If you're unsure, don't despair: we've got a quiz to help you find out. 

The Lake Protection Workbook, a free self-assessment tool for shoreline property owners developed by the Lake Links Planning Committee, helps you score your waterfront practices to determine how green your property really is – and learn which small changes can most benefit your local water body. 

The digital workbook takes about 20 minutes to complete and covers nine main categories: Lawn & Gardens, Recreation, Shorelines, Wetlands, Wildlife, Docks & Boathouses, Sewage Systems, Light Pollution and Runoff.

A total score for a variety of property features, activities and habits in each category is then rated Excellent, Moderate or Needs Improvement with information about how and where to improve.

"This workbook offers a really easy way for cottagers and homeowners to drill down and figure out how their property is affecting the local ecosystem," said Meaghan McDonald, lake planning and shoreline stewardship co-ordinator for the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. "Once you work through it, it's hard to unsee the impacts your property is having – and we're here to help you fix them."

Shoreline naturalization helps to reduce erosion, improve water quality and create wildlife habitat.

The RVCA's Shoreline Naturalization program offers solutions to many common pitfalls on waterfront properties, including excess runoff, poor water quality, erosion and lack of habitat. 

By adding native plants, shrubs and trees to your shoreline, you are restoring the lake back to its original form while beautifying your property for decades to come.

Other issues require much simpler fixes: nixing chemical lawn fertilizers, reducing your wake or installing night-saver shields on your outdoor lights. The workbook can also help you plan more eco-friendly designs when it comes time to replace your dock, septic system or buildings. 

Download your copy here: https://www.rvca.ca/images/shoreline-stewardship/Cataraqui-LakeProtectionWorkbook.pdf

If you already have a copy of the workbook and have implemented suggestions on your property, we'd love to hear about it and potentially feature your great work! Contact us at

This workbook was produced by the Lake Links Planning Committee with collaboration and review from: Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, Friends of the Tay Watershed Association, Lake Networking Group, Lanark County Stewardship Council, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, and Watersheds Canada.

Digital downloads are free (8.6 MB). Printed copies are $1.50. Contact for more details. Printing funded by Watersheds Canada and the Daniel and Susan Gottlieb Foundation.

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Guest - mandeep (website) on Thursday, 19 August 2021 15:43

Great blog.I liked this thing that individuals should do more plantation,shrubs to recover the original beauty of lake shores.

Great blog.I liked this thing that individuals should do more plantation,shrubs to recover the original beauty of lake shores.
Saturday, 02 March 2024

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