Give the gift of conservation this holiday season

'Twas the week before Christmas

Quarantined in your house

When you finished your shopping

With the click of a mouse! 

You knew that your gifts

Would put smiles on faces

Cuz the gifts that you bought

Protect local green spaces.

From cute little seedlings

Planted not far from here

To a park pass for hiking

And boating all year

You chose these green presents

With love and with care

In hopes that our forests

Will always be there. 


Ok, cheesy poems aside, it's the perfect year to embrace a #ConservationChristmas for all those nature-lovers on your list! No one wants to visit a busy mall right now, anyway. And conservation matters in Ontario more than ever.

Whether you're adopting an acre in someone's name, planting local seedlings or helping your family go carbon neutral, a conservation Christmas gift is meaningful, local, long-lasting and eco-friendly. 

Check out these five green gift ideas to protect our local environment, all without leaving your house: 

1. Tree planting: Put some trees under the Christmas tree! Our Foundation offers two ways to plant trees for your friends and family: memorial trees and special occasion trees. In both programs, we plant native locally-grown seedlings across the watershed and care for them until they take their place in a vibrant new forest of the future. You can send a personalized e-card to the recipient just in time for the holidays! More here:

Baxter Conservation Area

2. All Access Pass: If we've learned anything in 2020, it's that getting outside matters. A $50 annual pass allows the whole family to enjoy the natural beauty of our watershed at 11 conservation areas. This pass covers parking and boat launch fees all year long, including at our three public beaches! Visit and use code 5222.

RVCF Director Diane Downey, LIVE 88.5's DJ Noah, RVCA Forestry Manager Ian Cochrane and land owner Doreen Manley

3. Go carbon neutral: Make like LIVE 88.5 and go carbon neutral! Our Foundation can help you calculate your family's carbon footprint for the year and translate it into trees to be planted across the watershed. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and capture it in their wood cells as part of their life cycle. Make it a truly green Christmas this year! More here:

Baxter Conservation Area

4. Adopt an Acre: When you adopt an acre in someone's name, you help protect more than 6,578 acres of wetlands, forests and shorelines right here in the Rideau Valley. These crucial habitats are hard at work reducing our risk of floods, cleaning our water, stopping erosion and storing vast amounts of carbon to keep our communities healthy and resilient in the face of climate change. More here:

5. Memorial bench or picnic table: The holidays can be difficult when you're missing someone. If this is you, consider skipping family gifts and going in on a public bench or picnic table in memory of your nature-loving loved one. Comforting to the family, and a comfortable resting spot for everyone else. More here:

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Guest - Kevin Marshall (website) on Monday, 15 February 2021 13:07

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Nice post. For more info about gift boxes enjoying a lot while reading this beautiful article.
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