Want a whine-free winter walk? Try these tricks

If your kids start complaining the moment you say "walk," the snowsuit struggle might not seem worth it. But inside every kid is an outdoorsperson waiting to blossom – and these tricks might just help! Try these activities at one of our 11 conservation areas and let us know what got them moving.

1. Do it for the 'Gram: Let your child take photos with your phone or camera (or charge an old device if you're concerned about damage). Couple it with a photo scavenger hunt and you'll be the one struggling to keep up!

2. Track it: Encourage the kids to look for animal tracks in the snow. When you find some, consider their size, shape and pattern. Discuss what animal might have made them, where it was going and what it was doing. Take a photo so you can look it up and see if you were right!

 3. All fun and games: Who can take the biggest steps in the snow? Who can slide the farthest on that frozen puddle? Start a snowball fight or play hide-and-seek. As they say, time flies when you're having fun.

4. Baby birders: Bring the binoculars and accept they're no longer yours - for this walk, anyway. Show the kids how to scan for birds and wildlife, listen for birdsong and find the feathered friend behind it. Bonus parent hack: see how long everyone can remain silent while you "listen for birds" ;) 

5. Scavenger hunt: Get the whole family working on an all-natural scavenger hunt! You can make your list together before you head out or use our handy ready-made list here. Remember to stay on the path during your search, and leave what you find behind.

Our 11 conservation areas boast 42 kilometres of trails to explore and discover. Find your trail here: https://www.rvca.ca/conservation-areas and happy hiking!

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