After the Flood

After the Flood

Frequently asked questions of the Conservation Authority and the Ottawa Septic System Office

Algae and Aquatic Plant Educational Manual

Baxter Conservation Area Rain Garden Poster

Benefits of a Natural Shoreline

Bioengineering Project on Graham Creek

Cleaning Up After The Flood

Cleaning Up After The Flood

Tips on the proper handling and disposal of sandbags.

Reducing Your Runoff Poster

Septic Smart - Booklet 1

Septic Smart - Booklet 1

Understanding Your Home's Septic System

This twelve page booklet helps you understand and care for your conventional septic systems.

Septic Smart - Booklet 2

Septic Smart - Booklet 2

Advanced Treatment Systems — Alternatives to Conventional Septic Systems

This twelve page booklet will help you become familiar with advanced treatment units as well as the type of final distribution and soil treatment that could be used with them in Ontario (aerobic treatment units and filtration units).

Shoreline Naturalization Program Species Availability List

Shoreline Naturalization Program Species Availability List

A list of plants, shrubs and trees available through the Shoreline Naturalization Program.



Solutions for Shoreline Erosion — A Basic Guide to Bioengineering

The Baitfish Primer

What Should You Do If You Are At Risk Of Flooding

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