September 11, 2017

Mississippi-Rideau Staff Meet with Local Businesses Owners

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  • Brian Stratton
  • Manager, Engineering Services and Drinking Water Source Protection
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MISSISSIPPI-RIDEAU REGION, September 11, 2017 — Staff from the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region (MRSPR) successfully met with 61 business owners in the communities of Westport, Montague, North Grenville and Mississippi Mills this summer to discuss chemical products that could pose a risk to four municipal drinking water systems. Business owners were welcoming and helpful — allowing staff to better understand the chemicals that are being used in wellhead protection areas.

MRSPR staff completed this work on behalf of the local municipalities who are striving to meet the requirements of the Ontario Clean Water Act. These outreach projects promote the long-term protection of drinking water sources. The locally produced and supported Source Protection Plan sets out ways to ensure long-term protection of municipal drinking water sources.

“We need to be extra cautious of certain chemicals that are denser than water,” explains Brian Stratton, MRSPR Co-Manager. “If released into the environment, the chemicals can cause groundwater contamination that is very difficult and expensive to clean-up. We are happy to work with local businesses and landowners to ensure we are all being good stewards.”

MRSPR staff provided educational materials to business owners to inform them about the municipal drinking water source and how they can continue to do their part to help protect it. This work would not have been possible if it was not for the cooperative and friendly interactions with local businesses. As good stewards for the environment, local businesses are conscious of the chemicals they use and how to dispose of them. These combined efforts are an important step towards ensuring that future generations have access to safe, clean water sources.

The Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region is made up of the Mississippi Valley and Rideau Valley watersheds. The Mississippi Valley and Rideau Valley Conservation Authorities support the ongoing work of the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region committee and staff.

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