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The Mississippi and Rideau Valley Conservation Authorities offer a re-inspection program to interested municipalities through the Mississippi Rideau Septic System Office.

Why Re-inspect Septic Systems?

Malfunctioning on-site sewage systems can have both human health and environmental impacts beyond the property on which it is located. Nutrient and bacteria-rich effluent can travel through soil and rock fractures to surface water bodies, and ground water sources. Contamination of surface water can cause excessive aquatic plant growth, depletion of oxygen in lakes, and impact the natural habitat for aquatic species. Ground water contamination can cause illness and even death. This makes it crucial that property owners be aware of the location and operation of their septic system. Under the Ontario Building Code it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that their sewage system is working properly, not only for their health, but also that of the surrounding community and environment. This re-inspection program gives property owners the confidence that their system is operating property — avoiding contamination of surface and groundwater.

History of the Program

Tay Valley Township has led the way locally for the sewage system re-inspection program as well as other initiatives that work towards protecting the quality of surface and ground water. Since the sewage system re-inspection pilot program in 2000, the Township has now inspected thousands of waterfront properties. The program combines the education of the homeowner regarding the maintenance of their sewage system with an inspection component. A follow-up component is also essential to ensure that the program effectively manages identified sewage system problems.

Voluntary Vs. Mandatory Inspections

Municipalities, under the Ontario Building Code, can run voluntary septic system re-inspection program or a discretionary program with mandatory inspections.

The steps taken for the septic re-inspection program are exactly the same for the voluntary and mandatory programs. The only difference is that property owners under the mandatory component are required to participate in the program when their property has been identified, whereas property owners under the voluntary component can choose whether or not to participate.

The Mandatory Re-inspection Program applies to all properties located in the following regions:

1. Within the Tay Valley Township on:

  • Adam Lake
  • Bennett Lake
  • Bob’s Lake
  • Farren Lake
  • Little Silver Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Otty Lake
  • Pike Lake
  • Rainbow Lake

2. Township of Rideau Lakes
3. Central Frontenac

The Voluntary Re-inspection Program encompasses waterfront properties in the following townships:

1. The remainder of Tay Valley Township
2. North Frontenac

To book your inspection or learn more about the program, contact: 

Eric Kohlsmith, Septic Inspector
Mississippi Rideau Septic System Office
10970 Highway 7, Carleton Place Ontario K7C 3P1
613-253-0006 ext. 256

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