April 07, 2016

Upper Rideau Watershed Lake Levels Increasing

An unusual amount of snow for this time of year is expected to cause lake levels in the upper part of the Rideau River watershed to rise as the snow melts over the next several days.

Water levels can be expected to increase throughout the watershed but levels to flood stage could occur on Bobs and Christie Lakes. With the level of Bobs Lake close to the Full Supply Threshold, water has to be released. However, the release is being done as gradually as possible to minimize the impacts on both lakes. While levels are likely to increase downstream of Christie Lake, no flooding is expected.

Other lakes may also have water level increases as this latest snowfall melts. There are no accessible continuously recording water level monitoring stations on any of the lakes that are not reservoirs for the Rideau Canal. Property owners will need to apply their knowledge of how their lakes respond in the spring to precipitation events and take what they feel are appropriate actions to protect their properties.

On the Ottawa River, levels have been above normal through the winter. It appears that the most recent increase will decline gradually through next week but could increase again quickly as flows from higher in the watershed arrive. The areas around Lac Deschenes can be susceptible to wind induced wave uprush. The risk decreases with lower water levels. The small community around Morin Street between Cumberland and Rockland can be susceptible to flooding as inflows increase. Residents will need to consider what precautions to take to protect their properties.

With the fluctuating water levels, caution is advised for anyone who has reason to be around water and children need to be warned of the risks.

This message will remain in effect until April 11, 2016 but RVCA will continue to monitor conditions and will issue further statements when or if there is an indication that the situation can be expected to change significantly

RVCA Watershed Conditions Statements:

Water Safety – High flows, unstable banks, melting ice or other factors that could be dangerous for recreational users such as anglers, canoeists, hikers, children, pets, etc. Flooding is not expected.

Flood Outlook – Early notice of the potential for flooding based on weather forecasts, calling for heavy rain, snow melt, high winds or other conditions that could lead to high runoff, cause ice jams and/or lakeshore flooding or erosion.

Flood Watch – Flooding is possible in specific watercourses or municipalities. Municipalities, emergency services and individuals in flood prone areas should prepare.

Flood Warning – Flooding is imminent or already occurring in specific watercourses or municipalities.

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