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  November 3, 2017 –  Rain forecast for Sunday could raise water levels again. In the order of 25 to 30 millimetres of rain fell on the Rideau watershed yesterday and this morning, less than was forecast. The rain was not enough to raise water levels significantly. Rain now forecast for Sunday has the potential to be enough to raise the already elevated flows. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry meteorologists have forecast 10 to 25 mm of rain on Sunday which could increase to a total of 40 to 75 mm if thunderstorms occur on Sunday night. The result…
Rainfall over the last three days from 70 to 100 millimetres has caused water levels typically seen in the spring in the Rideau watershed. Flows rose dramatically from what they were going into the weekend after very little rain through September and most of October. Operation of the Long Island Dam by Parks Canada staff slowed the increase of levels on the Long Reach. However, access roads to communities on the Rideau near Kemptville may still be threatened as the water from upstream passes through the system. In Perth in the Tay Subwatershed, flooding has so far been limited to…
Heavy rain forecast for today and overnight are expected to cause elevated water levels throughout the Rideau River watershed.  With very little rain through September and October, flows on the Rideau system had fallen below the long term average for the time of year. As much as 100 millimetres of rain have been forecast for the next 24 hours. This amount of rain can be expected to raise water levels throughout the system. With the Rideau Lakes at winter levels, it is anticipated that there is capacity to accommodate the rain in the upper watershed with little impact.  In the…
With relatively minor rain forecast for the coming week and the flood waters in decline, the RVCA is withdrawing the Flood Watch that has been in effect for the last week. Water levels are still above normal but continuing to decline. The 3-day rainfall of 35 millimetres presently forecast for Wednesday through Friday in eastern Ontario is expected to cause a pause in the decline. Periods of heavier, localized rain may fall in thunderstorms but no significant impact is expected at this time. Waters have receded from the North Gower area where serious flooding along Stevens Creek occurred last week.…
As Stevens Creek levels slowly decline, residents of North Gower continue to deal with water in basements and on streets as a result of record setting rainfall. On the Rideau, minor flooding of low-lying areas on the Long Reach have access issues similar to what often occurs in the spring. Parks Canada staff are doing strategic dam operations to get water levels down throughout the Canal system with as little impact as possible. With high flows passing through the dams, boaters are advised to stay well away. Also with high waters, boat wake becomes a problem causing damage to shorelines.…
Flooding has occurred in areas of the Rideau Watershed as a result of rains that were closer to monthly totals than daily amounts. The community of North Gower has had floodwaters in some homes and in the streets near Stevens Creek. Low-lying areas along the Rideau and its tributaries have also been flooded but no residential flooding has been reported or is expected in those areas at this time. A weather system moving into eastern Ontario Wednesday night may bring more rain in thunder storms. What impact these storms will have will depend on timing, intensity and size. The decline…
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