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The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) Board of Directors celebrated another successful year with the release of their 2016 Annual Report. The report highlights numerous on-the-ground projects that happened throughout the Rideau watershed that drains over 4,000 square kilometres in Eastern Ontario.

For over 50 years RVCA, along with its many volunteers and partners, has been working to protect and enhance our local environment. Year after year, conservation authority staff, municipalities and partners continue to have a positive impact on the health and resilience of our watershed. Today’s investment in local watershed health will ensure a sustainable future that supports local communities, economies, tourism and recreation.

“We are pleased to see so much valuable, relevant work being done throughout the Rideau watershed,” said Sommer Casgrain-Robertson, RVCA General Manager. “We strive to provide the best programs and services to our watershed municipalities and their residents. We are pleased that for every $1 from our member municipalities, RVCA is able to convert that into $2 through grants, fundraising and unique partnerships. We bring the work back to our communities.”

Highlights for 2016 include:

  • $681,000+ in grants distributed to landowners who undertook stewardship projects
  • 225,865 trees planted (5.68 million planted since 1984)
  • 62,000 visitors annually to conservation areas
  • 5,000+ students experienced RVCA Outdoor Education Programs
  • 1,332 Planning Act applications received (minor variances, site plan control, subdivision applications, etc.)
  • 1,154 hours from 295 volunteers invested in Ottawa’s City Stream Watch program to research and clean up city streams
  • 634 applications for new or replacement septic systems received
  • 360 hours donated by 25+ volunteers to help monitor and sample Watershed Watch lakes
  • 287 applications received for work along wetlands, shorelines and waterways (Section 28, Conservation Authorities Act)
  • 218 septic re-inspections completed in participating municipalities
  • 118 stream sites sampled to monitor water quality (biology and chemistry)
  • 53 shorelines naturalized (5.1 kilometres) through the Shoreline Naturalization Program
  • 42 kilometres of trails maintained for public use at local conservation areas
  • 39 lakes monitored for nutrients, E.coli and other parameters
  • 14 stream clean ups and 10 invasive species removals on tributary streams
  • 10 flood warnings and 13 drought messages issued release of the Middle Rideau Subwatershed Report and 10 catchment reports

For your copy of the RVCA 2016 Annual Report, visit or call 613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504 for a hard copy. To see what’s in store for 2017 take a look at our 2017 Budget and Work Plan which is also available online at our website.

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A renewed vision for a thriving watershed will guide the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) during the coming years. The RVCA board of directors unveiled its new strategic plan at its board meeting held March 23. The plan builds upon the Conservation Authority’s past 50 years of success and will guide it towards a sustainable future.

RVCA Chair Lyle Pederson and General Manager Sommer Casgrain-Robertson are excited that the plan, entitled Conserving Our Watershed, Ensuring Our Future, charts a course to 2020. “We’ve worked hard to develop a set of strategies and plans that identify clear priorities for RVCA to undertake that are locally relevant,” said Chair Pederson. “These actions will bene t our local municipalities by protecting and restoring the value of our watershed.”

The RVCA’s renewed vision is for a thriving watershed with clean abundant water, natural shorelines, rich forests and wetlands, diverse habitat and sustainable land use that is valued and protected by all.

Four pillars guide program priorities to accomplish this vision:

  1. Develop and share watershed knowledge that advances decision making and leads to on-the-ground action
  2. Protect, restore and enhance watershed health and safeguard people and property from natural hazards
  3. Increase watershed awareness and appreciation and inspire action in others
  4. Operate a sustainable, well-managed, service-driven organization fueled by engaged employees

“All of our strategic priorities are also underpinned by ve core values,” added General Manager Sommer Casgrain-Robertson. “Collaboration, balance, knowledge, integrity and excellence shape all that we do and how we do it as we serve the Rideau watershed and the people who live in it”.

This strategic plan is just one of several products that guide the ongoing work and conservation e orts of the RVCA. The 2016 RVCA Annual Report, 2017 Budget and Work Plan along with information sheets for each of our member municipalities show the past, present and future of Conservation Authority e orts. To see the full strategic plan or any of these products, visit our website at (under “publications”) or call 1-800-267-3504 to have a copy mailed.

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