​Waterfront living can be so relaxing: always mowing the lawn, raking weeds out of your swimming area and stepping in goose poop...Wait, what?! That's not what owning a waterfront property is all about. But for too many people, that's the reality. 

Cottages can become second homes, with all the annoying lawn work and maintenance that comes with them. But it doesn't have to be this way. With a few tweaks, you can get on the path to "the good side" and a more natural waterfront property. So: which side are you on? Scroll over the purple flags to learn how to turn your waterfront property a natural oasis.

If your shoreline doesn't look like the one on the left, don't despair. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority can help you turn your shoreline into the natural beauty it's meant to be. 

Details here: Site visits begin June 2019 for spring 2020 planting, so give us a call today!