Award: Best pit stop!


Every good road trip needs scenic pit stops along the way. Portland Bay Conservation Area delivers that in spades: it offers a unique lakeside spot to stop and smell the wildflowers while you enjoy your picnic lunch.

Nestled on a sheltered bay of Big Rideau Lake just off Highway 15, the small but picturesque location offers a picnic shelter and picnic tables, washrooms and free parking. A big green space offers restless kids (or adults) a chance to run around, and you can take a moment to admire the big boats parked next door.

Forget about the long line-ups and busy parking lots of those fancy highway rest stops. Portland Bay has all the rest and relaxation you need for your journey – just bring your lunch.

For all the details and directions, visit https://www.rvca.ca/conservation-areas/no-fee-required/portland-bay-ca.