Award: Hidden Gem!

Nestled among the historic streets of Richmond Village sits a lovely little park, complete with picnic tables, a wooded trail and a public dock on the Jock River.

Richmond Conservation Area is a true hidden gem: walkable for local residents, free parking for visitors, and the perfect place to host your next family picnic or escape the demands of modern living for a while.

​A secluded bench beside the water offers a scenic spot to reflect, and the public dock is a great spot to launch a canoe or kayak, cast for fish or snap a stunning sunrise photo for all your Instagram followers to adore. 

Beginning near the town of Montague, the Jock winds through the Richmond Fen, a provincially significant wetland, before reaching the village of Richmond and continuing through the southern suburbs of Ottawa. The river is home to 18 species of fish as well as a number of at-risk species, including the loggerhead shrike, spotted turtle and eastern milksnake. In 2014, the RVCA established a new, award-winning fish embayment along the conservation area's shores, creating new, rich habitat for fish and other wildlife.

But don't take our word for it – head down to Richmond Conservation Area and see for yourself what the Mighty Jock has to offer!

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