Award: Best Beach! 

 If you're looking for warm sand, cool water and a picturesque place to soak up the sun this summer, we've got your answer: Rideau Ferry Yacht Club Conservation Area.

With sweeping views of Lower Rideau Lake, this secluded beach is the perfect spot to set up shop for the day. Picnic tables, washrooms, change rooms and barbeque pits are all available and parking is just $7 for the day.

The former Rideau Ferry Yacht Club donated this 10-acre shoreline property to RVCA in 1976 – and honestly, the beach may have had visitors every day since.

It's a gorgeous spot in the summer, of course, but dogwalkers, nature lovers and locals can be found along its shores in every season.

The popular boat launch is busy as soon as the ice is out, and this year it received some improvements with a new platform to help boaters find their footing as they haul their vessels in and out.

Whether it's #lakelife you're craving or those summer #beachvibes, don't miss Rideau Ferry this summer – but come back for those other seasons, too.

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