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Request for Proposal 
RVCA Website Development and Support

RFP Inquiry Addendum

Question 1: What is the budget/budget range for website development and support?

Response: We have estimated costs associated with this RFP to be between $60,000 - $90,000.

Question:  Can you provide specific information for your requirements for these:

      • Public engagement functionalities
      • Project management capabilities
      • Performance management tool

Response: Although listed in section 2.2 as required deliverables, we don't have any large need for these functionalities or capabilities. It would be reassuring to know the CMS has the capability to add these elements should it become a need.

Question: Google says there are 4,000 pages of content [on the current site]. Will all this content be included in the new website or will you audit and streamline the content? Do you need assistance with this and if so, to what extent? Will your team input the content after training or do you need assistance with this?

Response: We anticipate reducing content significantly. RVCA’s communication staff are currently working to edit and streamline content. This includes restructuring the menus and flow of the site, although we look forward to sharing that with our successful contractor to gain their input and insight on how to best to present information to improve user experience. We do not anticipate inputting large amounts of content during the initial design stage but rather during the testing phase and following the website’s launch. However, this could be a cost-saving option should our anticipated budget be insufficient.

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