Municipal Planning

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority participates in the planning activities of other agencies and with municipalities and private and public development interests in a proactive, co-ordinated manner. The Authority promotes early awareness and understanding of its policies and programs pertaining to the conservation and management of watershed resources and provincial policies and guidelines. In most instances this involvement is required as a result of regulations passed under the authority of Ontario's Planning Act and by Provincially delegated responsibility for the management of natural hazards. The RVCA also has formal agreements with the City of Ottawa and the Counties within the Rideau watershed to provide review for hydrogeological and natural heritage interests.

Types of Applications

The applications reviewed by the RVCA include:

  • plans of subdivision and condominium
  • severances
  • minor variances
  • comprehensive zoning by-laws and zoning by-law amendments
  • official plans and official plan amendments
  • site plans
  • lifting of reserves

The RVCA also participates on technical advisory committees that oversee the preparation of broader planning studies such as community design plans, master servicing studies, environmental management plans and environmental assessments. We also review applications and provide advice on applications that are submitted under the Aggregate Resources Act.

Pre-Consultation Process

The RVCA and our member municipalities encourage pre-consultation in advance of submitting a formal Planning Act application. At a pre-consultation meeting, the applicant, the approval authority and the review agencies will discuss the proposal and the reports that may be necessary to support the application. The pre-consultation process assists the applicant in preparing a proposal that will meet the policies and submission requirements of the municipality, the RVCA and other agencies, potentially saving time and money.

The Review Process

RVCA staff will review the application and discuss it with the applicant. Staff may suggest changes in the plan so it will comply with environmental rules and regulations. At the end of the review, recommendations will be sent to the municipality for its consideration in its decision.

Clearance of Conditions by RVCA

From time to time, municipalities impose conditions on planning decisions. They may ask the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority to clear a condition. That means you must provide information to indicate that the condition has been met. RVCA will review the material you provide and contact the municipality once we are satisfied that the condition has been fulfilled.

Permits for Construction and Development in Regulated Areas

An applicant may also need approval from the RVCA for any construction or development work looking to take place in a regulated area in or near a river, stream, steep slope, wetland or shoreline. For more information, go to RVCA Permits - Section 28.

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