February 08, 2021

One Tree Planted to support 40,000 new trees in rural Ottawa

OTTAWA, Feb. 8, 2021 – Rural Ottawa landowners can access an additional 40,000 trees thanks to a generous donation from One Tree Planted. 

RVCA’s tree planting program helps private landowners turn farm fields and other marginal land into thriving forests of the future.

This is the second year of support from One Tree Planted, which will transform 20 hectares of idle land into functioning green infrastructure. Forests protect soil from erosion, improve nearby water quality, reduce flooding risks, capture carbon, improve wildlife habitat and increase biodiversity. Environment Canada recommends 30% forest cover in any community to sustain biodiversity and enjoy all the environmental services that forests provide. 

“We're thrilled to help make a positive impact with reforestation alongside the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and local landowners,” said Diana Chaplin, Canopy Director at One Tree Planted. “It's really a team effort when it comes to environmental restoration."

Our forestry staff plant more than 250,000 trees on private land across the watershed each year – that’s more than 6.6 million since we started in 1983. The cost per seedling should be about $3, but with support from partners like One Tree Planted and the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation, RVCA can offer landowners highly affordable large-scale planting at just $0.15 per tree. 

This includes a custom planting plan that’s good for the land and landowner, choosing species such as sugar maple, red oak, burr oak, white spruce, white pine and cedar depending on the site’s unique qualities and the landowner’s vision. Our staff then oversee the site’s preparation and tree planting process. We follow up three and five years after the trees are planted to see how they’re growing and replace struggling trees to ensure maximum survival rates.

“Support from partners like One Tree Planted is critical to ensure landowners are motivated to invest in tree planting on their properties,” said Forestry Manager Ian Cochrane. “Tree planting is one of the most practical ways to take care of our watershed and the wider environment.”

If you have land you’d like to reforest, consider planting trees through our program! Contact Ian at  or visit for more information. 




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