Bill 23: Less Protection, More Cost, Diminished Local Decision-Making

Taxpayers, municipalities and our natural systems will bear the costs of the Province’s affordable housing legislation released last month. 

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While the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority strongly supports efforts to address the ongoing housing crisis, many of the proposed changes related to conservation authorities will have significant impacts and costs while doing little to increase housing supply.

Proposed changes and their impacts: 


  • Weakening the regulatory ability of CAs to protect people and property from natural hazards like flooding, erosion and slope failures - leading to greater risk of property damage and public safety.
  • Eliminating the CA’s ability to address water quality issues through planning and permitting, leading to increased nutrients and sediment in lakes and rivers. We know from the 1990s this causes excessive weed growth and algae blooms that have economic impacts on property values, agriculture, tourism, recreation, fisheries and sources of drinking water for many residents.
  • Reducing wetland evaluations and protections, leading to increased flooding, erosion and drought, as well as diminished groundwater, which is the source of drinking water in much of rural Ontario. Studies have shown the loss of wetlands in the Rideau watershed would increase flood levels by 10%.
  • Downloading more responsibilities to municipalities who have indicated will lead to inefficiencies, delays and increased risk and costs.
  • Freezing development fees, which will pass development costs to taxpayers instead of growth paying for growth. 

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