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Surface Water Quantity — Low Flow Monitoring


    RVCA is involved with the monitoring and analysis of low flow conditions within our watershed. The following reports summarize the low water information available for the RVCA, the use of wells and groundwater levels as potential indicators of low water conditions, and a low flow frequency analysis of three long-term gauge locations.

    RVCA Low Water Information Report — July 2009
In support of the Ontario Low Water Response program (OLWR)
      Download the Report
    Ontario Low Water Response Groundwater Indicator Pilot Project Final Report — March 2009
      Download the Report
    Low Flow Frequency Analysis (Rideau at Carleton, Jock at Moodie Drive and Kemptville at Kemptville) — Technical Memo, June 7, 2007
      Download the Technical Memo
    For more information please contact:Stephanie Schreiner at (613) 692-3571 ext. 1104, stephanie.schreiner@rvca.ca