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Rideau Valley Conservation Authority's Reforestation Program

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The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) and its partners have planted an average of 100,000 trees per year since 1983. We are committed to helping landowners meet their reforestation needs, increase watershed tree cover and support source water protection through tree planting. RVCA plants a mix of native species grown locally at the Ferguson Forest Centre. A mixed plantation provides more diversity, disease and insect resistance and a more natural look.


Why Plant Trees?

• Enhanced wildlife habitat
• Visual and noise barriers
• Soil and water conservation
• Valuable winter windbreaks for people, livestock and wildlife
• Reduced heating and cooling costs — less wind, more shade
• Practical "hands-on" way to reduce greenhouse gasses (CO2) and produceoxygen (O2)
• Stabilized slopes, erosion control
• Increased biodiversity
• Wood products: lumber, sawlogs, firewood, nuts, fruit, maple syrup
• Recreational areas
• Increased crop yields (windbreaks/shelterbelts)
• Increased property values
• Economically viable land use for abandoned or unused fields
• Tax incentive programs
• Aesthetic beauty and distinctive character to rural landscapes
• Maintain a healthy watershed

What We Offer
• Customized tree planting programs that suit your needs
• Subsidized costs through partner funding
• Site visits by qualified forestry staff
• Planting plans
• Ordering and handling of tree seedlings
• Site preparation
• Tree planting and tending
• Survival assessments
• Cold storage
• Trucking
• Refill planting and future tending

Landowner qualifications — an eligible landowner:
• is a rural property owner
• has 0.4 hectares (one acre) of suitable land
• Agrees to a minimum order of 500 trees
• Agrees to cover the subsidized cost of the tree seedlings, site prep, planting & tending
• Agrees to reasonably protect the plantation


For more information:
613- 692-3571 or
1 800 267-3504

Scott Danford, ext. 1175 scott.danford@rvca.ca

Looking for tree planting programs in the City of Ottawa? Click here for our Green Acres Program
      In one year an acre of trees absorbs as much carbon as is produced by a car driven 14,000 km.