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  Rideau Valley Rural Clean Water Program
Grant and Incentive Program

Please contact RVCA for more information, and to verify eligibility – 613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504.

City of Ottawa residents — click here for the Ottawa Rural Clean Water Grant Program

Note: Projects completed prior to contacting RVCA will not be eligible for funding.

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How to Apply
Eligible Projects
Fact Sheets and Applications



Program Accomplishments Data and Map
Rideau Valley Rural Clean Water Brochure (pdf)
Stewardship Assistance Programs brochure (PDF)

The Rideau Valley Rural Clean Water Program (RVRCWP) grant and technical assistance program is for on-farm and rural projects to protect water quality in the Rideau River watershed outside the City of Ottawa. (see map)

The RVRCWP works in partnership with individual landowners to help protect the land and water we all rely on. The program offers financial incentives to farmers and rural property owners to undertake projects that protect and improve water quality in the Rideau River watershed.

The Clean Water Program operates from the edge of the City of Ottawa to the lake country west of Perth and from Sharbot Lake south through the Rideau Lakes district. As of 2005, the RVCA also delivers the City of Ottawa Program.

  The RVRCWP is guided by a Steering Committee made up of local citizens drawn from farm organizations, environmental interest groups as well as all levels of government with a direct link to the water environment.

The RVRCWP is a win-win situation all around. The landowner gets a helping hand with the financing of conservation work, the program sponsors get the pleasure of helping their employees, customers and suppliers do good environmental work, and our children and grandchildren get to enjoy a clean healthy Rideau River as our legacy to them all.
  Eligibility   How to Apply


Farmers who have completed a 3rd edition or newer Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) and rural non-farmers who have completed a Healthy Home Guide, may be eligible for funding.


View large map of eligible area here.

Contact the RVCA for program information — 613-692-3571 or 1-800-267-3504.
Fill out a Rural Clean Water Program (RCWP) application form
 (with assistance from a program rep if needed)   
Submit completed application to the RCWP c/o RVCA, Box 599, Manotick Ontario K4M 1A5
  —Include cost estimates (or receipts and/or invoices where appropriate)  
  —For farmers, also include confirmation of EFP completion
  — For non-farmers, also include a completed Health Home Guide  
Project proceeds if approved  
Payment issued upon completion of work and inspection   
  Please Note: Program grant rates, guidelines can change without notice
  RVRCWP Eligible Project Categories    
  Project Type Maximum Grant Rate Maximum Grant Available
  Clean Water Diversion* 50% $5,000
  Surface/Wastewater Treatment/Management* 50% $5,000
  Livestock Restriction from Water–Livestock Crossing, Alternate Watering, Fencing* 90% $7,500
  Pesticide/ Chemical/ Fertilizer/ Fuel Storage and Handling Facility* 50% $1,000
  Nutrient Management Plans/Precision Farming* 50% $1,000
  Manure Storage/Treatment* 50% $7,500
  Controlled Tile Drainage* 80% $1,000
  Erosion Control - Field and Tile Outlet* 90% $3,500
  Cover Crops* $50/Acre $1,000
  Land Retirement* $150/Acre $1,500/Year
  Erosion Control - Shoreline 90% $3,500
  Buffers 90% $7,500
  Windbreaks 75% $6,000
  Private Sewage System Repair 50% $1,000
  Education Initiative 75% $1,000
  Well Upgrade 50% $500
  Well Decommissioning 90% $1,000
  Well Replacement 50% $2,000
  * Available only to farmers with an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)    
Fact Sheets and Application Form
Clean Water Diversion Fact sheet  
Surface/Wastewater Treatment/Management Fact Sheet  
Livestock Restriction from Water–Livestock Crossing, Alternate Watering, Fencing Fact Sheet  
Pesticide/ Chemical/ Fertilizer/ Fuel Storage and Handling Facility Fact Sheet  
Nutrient Management/Precision Farming Fact Sheet  
Manure Storage/Treatment Fact Sheet  
Control Tile Drainage Fact Sheet  
Erosion Control Fact Sheet  
Cover Crops Fact Sheet  
Land Retirement Fact Sheet  
Buffer Strips, Windbreaks, Shelter Belts Fact Sheet  
Private Sewage System Repair Fact Sheet  
Education Initiative Fact Sheet  
Well Upgrade Fact sheet  
Well Decommissioning Fact sheet  
Well Replacement Fact Sheet