Ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the environment

at your local Conservation Area

The new paybyphone service
is going to make visits to conservation areas as easy as one, two, three!

No cash required, as long as you have your phone, you’re covered. There are three easy ways to use paybyphone. You chose what works best for you.

Baxter, Foley Mountain, Rideau Ferry, WA Taylor and Perth Wildlife Reserve conservation areas are user pay sites.

You can buy a day pass or you can opt to get an annual pass. (The advantage our annual passes is that it gives you access to all five conservation areas all year round.)

With paybyphone, you won’t need to keep track of a day pass ticket or an annual pass card.


Three ways to pay!

  1. Download the App
    With you smartphone, download the PayByPhone app, available at:

    IOS App Store
    Google Play
    Blackberry World

    Open the app on your smartphone, enter the location code (location codes are listed on signs at each conservation area, at www.paybyphone.com or www.rvca.ca/paybyphone. Enter the duration time you wish to visit (enter 1 day) and then confirm your selection.

  2. Online
    Visit the PaybyPhone website at paybyphone.com. First time users will have to click the “sign up now,” once done, enter your location code and the duration of your visit. Finalize your transaction by entering the three-digit security code on the back of your credit card. You can manage your account by visiting the account page — quickly add or amend vehicle details, update your payment information or security settings.

  3. Call Us
    Call 1-866-234-7275  (number will be posted on our website — click the PayByPhone button for the listing of location codes or if you are already at the conservation area the location code will be posted on signs. Once you dial, respond the prompts, you’ll need to enter the location code, visit time and new users will be guided through a registration process. Wait until you have heard the confirmation then your visit begins. You can extend your visit by calling the same number, your account will be recognized and you’ll have the option to extend your visit or start a new one.

Parking details will be sent to the handheld units the Parking Enforcement Officers patrol with.


  Location Codes

  • Baxter 5200
  • Foley Mountain 5204
  • Perth Wildlife Reserve 5205
  • Rideau Ferry 5203
  • WA Taylor 5201
  • Annual Pass 5222